Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Magister Art: The Villain Part One

Every hero needs a villain, and these are two that who plague Nick and his friends:

This, is the Servant of Belial, or more simply the Servant. The story is he made pacts with demons, though no one knows if one of those "demons" was actually the god Belial. All those at the time knew was he was dangerous, and something much more and less than human. 
When he was finally defeated, the victors attempted to destroy his body, the anchor for his spirit and thus his power in the world. The best they could do was severe it into six sections, moving them constantly, and as the world grew ever bigger via trade and travel, hiding the pieces in mystic prisons on the different continents. 

Each piece contains a part of the consciousness of the being, and he transcends space and time, so the prisons were not just hiding holes. They were warded against the Servant's ability to breach, and this begin to reassemble itself.

As of this writing, the one of the prisons in the United Kingdom was breached during the Battle of Britain, and the other in a suburb of Chicago was breached in the summer of  2010 CE.

The concept for the Servant was that he was featureless. The drawing reference for his was face the poster from Peter Jackson's The Frighteners. There was supposed to be nothing left of humanity in him. He's also a creature of shadows which crawl and smoke greasy around him, and his victims.

Hungry again, always hungry, never whole, but the Something knew how to feed now, knew where the leavings needed to go in this new-old place. It has done it before when it has escaped or has it done it yet, the Something is unsure. All it hears are sirens and all it smells is fear.-The Servant, Magister: The String

Art Copyright: Richard Price 2014
Written Content Copyright: Penny Horwitz 2014